Every Standing Desk on the Market (Sortable)

every standing desk on the market sortable table ergodriven spark desk

Spark by Ergodriven – One of over 150 desks in this table.

The table below lists every single standing desk on the market. New ones come out more and more often, so let us know in the comments if any aren’t listed.

None of this is a recommendation from us. For that, go here.

Prices may change, of course. The column headings are all straightforward, except “Ergo Friendly?”, which just means whether the desk provides for healthy ergonomics right out of the box, as described here. If a desk has a “no”, in many cases you can turn it to a “yes” simply by adding a keyboard tray.

And whatever desk you end up with, don’t forget an anti-fatigue mat. This one is our favorite by a mile.

Click on the column headings to sort. It’s a lot of fun, and it makes finding the desk that’s right for you a lot easier.

Are there any additional table columns you’d like? Let us know in the comments.

NameTypePriceDropped Keyboard?Link
Ergodriven SparkFixed$20.00YesInfo
Ergodepot JarvisAdjustable$629.00NoInfo
IKEA HackDIY$0.00YesExample
Chairigami DeskFixed$95.00NoInfo
Ninja DeskFixed$160.00NoInfo
PressFit DeskFixed$279.00NoInfo
Kangaroo Pro JRAdd-On-Top$499.00NoInfo
Ergotron WorkFit-S Dual WS+Fixed$490.00NoInfo
NextDesk UpFixed$897.00NoInfo
Locus DeskFixed $1,399.00 NoInfo
Stir Kinetic DeskAdjustable $3,890.00 NoInfo
NextDesk TerraAdjustable $1,497.00 NoInfo
NextDesk Terra ProAdjustable $2,697.00 NoInfo
NextDesk AirAdjustable $2,178.00 NoInfo
NextDesk Air ProAdjustable $3,378.00 NoInfo
NextDesk SoloAdjustable$897.00NoInfo
NextDesk Solo PlusAdjustable$997.00NoInfo
NextDesk FitTreadmill$999.00NoInfo
NextDesk PulseAdjustable$1,500NoInfo
Locus WorkstationFixed $1,999.00 NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD117Adjustable$749.00NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD17Adjustable$549.00NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD129Adjustable$849.00NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD127-3Adjustable $1,079.00 NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD125Adjustable$709.00NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD119CAdjustable$729.00NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD119BAdjustable$749.00NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD129-3Adjustable $1,199.00 NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD127Adjustable$729.00NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD111AAdjustable $1,199.00 NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD111HDAdjustable$999.00NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD17WAdjustable$699.00NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD111HD-3Adjustable $1,449.00 NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD119DAdjustable$799.00NoInfo
ErgoDepot AD119WAdjustable$699.00NoInfo
Humanscale FloatAdjustable $1,749.00 NoInfo
Lifespan TR5000-DTTreadmill $2,499.00 NoInfo
LifeSpan TR1200-DT5Treadmill $1,499.00 NoInfo
Lifespan TR800-DT5Treadmill $1,295.00 NoInfo
Varidesk ProAdd-On-Top$300.00NoInfo
Varidesk Pro PlusAdd-On-Top$350.00NoInfo
Varidesk SingleAdd-On-Top$275.00NoInfo
Varidesk Single PlusAdd-On-Top$325.00NoInfo
Varidesk Pro Plus 48Add-On-Top$400.00NoInfo
Ergotron Workfit-PAdd-On-Top$227.00NoInfo
Ergotron Workfit-P PlatinumAdd-On-Top$238.00NoInfo
Ergotron Workfit-S LD WS+Add-On-Top$454.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-S HD WS+Add-On-Top$511.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-S LDAdd-On-Top$354.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-S HDAdd-On-Top$414.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-S DualAdd-On-Top$400.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-LXAdd-On-Top$463.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-A SK LDAdd-On-Top$447.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-A SK HDAdd-On-Top$452.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-A SK DualAdd-On-Top$460.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-A SK AppleAdd-On-Top$444.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-A SK PlatinumAdd-On-Top$568.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-A LD WS+Add-On-Top$378.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-A HD WS+Add-On-Top$416.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-A Dual WS+Add-On-Top$446.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-A LDAdd-On-Top$362.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-A DualAdd-On-Top$400.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-DAdjustable$687.00NoInfo
Ergotron Workfit-PDAdjustable$463.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-C LDAdjustable$740.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-C DualAdjustable$695.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-C HDAdjustable$774.00YesInfo
Ergotron Workfit-C LD (2)Adjustable$815.00YesInfo
GeekDesk MaxAdjustable$985.00NoInfo
GeekDesk v3Adjustable$749.00NoInfo
NewHeights Elegante XT CRAdjustable $2,343.00 NoInfo
Mayline Varitask XR CRAdjustable $1,953.00 NoInfo
NewHeights Elegante XT HWAdjustable $1,710.00 NoInfo
NewHeights Elegante XT SplitAdjustable $1,670.00 YesInfo
NewHeights Elegante XT WheelAdjustable $1,408.00 NoInfo
NewHeights Elegante XT BowAdjustable $1,336.00 NoInfo
NewHeights Elegante XTAdjustable $1,260.00 NoInfo
NewHeights Eficiente LTAdjustable$920.00NoInfo
NewHeights VueltaAdjustable$880.00NoInfo
NewHeights Arriba WheelAdjustable$695.00NoInfo
HealthPostures TaskMateAdd-On-Top$320.00NoInfo
Anthro Elevate AdjustaAdjustable $2,849.00 YesInfo
VertDesk TreadmillTreadmill $1,499.00 NoInfo
VertDesk Solid WoodAdjustable $1,199.00 NoInfo
VertDesk CustomAdjustable$739.00NoInfo
VertDesk DeskAdjustable$689.00NoInfo
Safco MuvFixed$282.00YesInfo
UpLift TreadmillTreadmill $1,438.00 NoInfo
UpLift 900Adjustable$739.00NoInfo
UpLift 900 SolidAdjustable $1,409.00 NoInfo
UpLift 975Adjustable$449.00NoInfo
UpDesk Series III MapleAdjustable $1,049.00 NoInfo
UpDesk Series III MahoganyAdjustable$949.00NoInfo
UpDesk Series III BlackAdjustable$949.00NoInfo
UpDesk Series III OrangeAdjustable$999.00NoInfo
UpDesk SquaredUp MapleAdjustable $1,299.00 NoInfo
UpDesk SquaredUp BlackAdjustable $1,299.00 NoInfo
UpDesk UpWriteAdjustable $1,149.00 NoInfo
UpDesk CrankUp MapleAdjustable$699.00NoInfo
UpDesk CrankUp BlackAdjustable$699.00NoInfo
Anthro Elevate II AdjustaAdjustable $1,849.00 YesInfo
Anthro Elevate CornerAdjustable $4,929.00 NoInfo
Anthro Elevate SingleAdjustable $2,379.00 NoInfo
Anthro Steve's Station SingleAdjustable $3,249.00 NoInfo
Anthro Fit AdjustaFixed$849.00YesInfo
Anthro Fit ConsoleFixed $1,099.00 YesInfo
Anthro FitFixed$429.00NoInfo
IKEA BekantAdjustable$489.00NoInfo
Steelcase AirtouchAdjustable $1,499.00 NoInfo
Steelcase Groupwork StandAdjustable$538.00NoInfo
Steelcase Series 7Adjustable $1,439.00 NoInfo
Steelcase Sit to WalkTreadmill $5,049.00 NoInfo
Steelcase WalkstationTreadmill $4,499.00 NoInfo
Conset DeskAdjustable$999.00NoInfo
Workrite SierraAdjustable $1,699.00 NoInfo
WorkRite Sierra HX CornerAdjustable $1,944.00 NoInfo
Ergo E Easy PneumaticAdjustable$502.00YesInfo
SIS Move 1607 CrankAdjustable$767.00NoInfo
SIS Move 1610Adjustable$794.00NoInfo
SIS Move Spring SingleAdjustable $1,009.00 NoInfo
Workrite Sierra HX PeninsulaAdjustable $1,308.00 NoInfo
SIS Xtreme BilevelAdjustable $2,560.00 YesInfo
Balt 46572 Hi-LoAdjustable$352.00YesInfo
SIS Xtreme Bilevel CornerAdjustable $2,039.00 NoInfo
Workrite Sierra HXL RectAdjustable$823.00NoInfo
Workrite Sierra HXL ConcAdjustable$901.00NoInfo
Workrite Sierra HXL CurvedAdjustable$898.00NoInfo
Workrite Sierra HXL CornerAdjustable$940.00NoInfo
StandingDeskTopper w/RiserAdd-On-Top$250.00NoInfo
StandingDeskTopper TallAdd-On-Top$250.00NoInfo
Speedy Stand Up DeskAdd-On-Top$80.00NoInfo
Upstanding Desk StandardAdd-On-Top$199.00YesInfo
Stand Up Desk ShopAdd-On-Top$250.00NoInfo
Workez Conversion KitAdd-On-Top$135.00YesInfo
TrekDesk Treadmill DeskTreadmill$499.00NoInfo
FitDesk Exercise Bike DeskTread/Bike$299.00NoInfo
Exerpeutic Treadmill DeskTreadmill$630.00NoInfo
60" Split Shelf Crank DeskAdjustable$379.00YesInfo
Standing Fit Keyboard RiserAdd-On-Top$130.00NoInfo
Executive Stand Steady DeskAdd-On-Top$200.00NoInfo
UE Laptop Standing DeskAdd-On-Top$78.00NoInfo
FitDesk with Massage BarAdd-On-Top$80.00NoInfo
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  1. Mary Mueller said:

    Nice list! How about this – as someone who works with managing furniture assets for a large facility, I have lots of work surfaces and table tops laying around. Right now we are trying to source just the height adjustable legs that we can put our own tops on. That way it sill matches all our office furniture. Let me know if you have any ideas or contacts in your source file who just sell the legs and mechanisms.


    February 11, 2015
    • Kit Perkins said:

      Hey Mary,

      Good question. I recommend reaching out to Ergo Depot. They are a great company and will likely happily work with you to get you what you need. Looks like sending an email would be the best way to start: info@ergodepot.com

      Good luck!

      February 11, 2015
  2. said:

    Hi all,

    Just to throw our name in the hat:

    Erector Desk

    We make adjustable standing desks with a solid wood top and a metal frame. High quality materials, simple and modern design. Hope you check it out!

    February 14, 2015
  3. Robbie said:

    Great list! I recommend adding min/max height to the table as well. For tall people, that is a major consideration, as many desks do not get tall enough.

    February 26, 2015
    • QS Admin said:

      Great idea. Thanks Robbie!

      February 26, 2015
  4. Sarah Tremblay said:

    I’ve been using a Stand Steady Executive desk and it’s been awesome! Way more affordable than most of them out there. Check them out at standsteady.com

    March 17, 2015
  5. Herbert said:

    Hi, I think if you added a width column, this chart could be even more useful. I’m looking for a narrower desk for a small apartment, and I think others could benefit from this info as well!

    November 2, 2015

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