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Commuters, weekend warriors, road trippers – If you’re someone that spends more than 20 minutes in the car per week, listen up! Car trips can be brutal on your body. And if you’re like us, you’ve felt achey and sore after a long ride. Modern cars provide a much smoother…

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What do you get when you cross cardboard with solid ergonomics? Spark. As in the $20(!) standing desk Ergodriven just released. As in sparking a movement where standing is the new normal. As in sparking the flame that burns down IKEA DIY Standing Desks forever. We’ve always been huge fans…

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Have you ever wasted time on Facebook? If you’re like most people, the answer is yes, and more than you’d care to admit (especially to your boss). Social media can no doubt be a time-sucking productivity killer. But time isn’t the entirety of the table stakes here. Facebook use has…

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Back in 2012, I Macgyver’ed my first standing workstation from common doohickies sitting around my office, cobbling together boxes, books, and binders into an ergonomic solution that treated me comfortably for the months. Then my company ordered us “proper” sit-to-stand desk attachments. I’m sooo glad I didn’t wait. Even today,…

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You can’t walk through a modern office without noticing them. They’re hard to ignore, sticking out above the surroundings, a glimpse of freedom from hours of sitting. It’s a sign of an inquisitive young generation of workers yearning for a healthier work environment. But it’s also a harbinger of things to come. (And…

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Mousing around all day with an ergonomically improper setup just about guarantees wrist pain, shoulder tightness, and carpal tunnel syndrome. And with an estimated 30-50% of the computer working population affected, it’s clear that using a standard computer mouse is damaging our bodies. Fortunately, an ergonomic mouse is a simple and…

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